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Sabinar I

LocationCuenca, SpainCapacity155MWpEnergy Production325GWh/yStateOperationalCompletionQ3 2022Share

Sabinar I





Energy production




Q3 2022

The Sabinar I PV it’s a 155 MWp solar PV plant which is the second largest plant of the of the three-plant hub connected to the Olmedilla 30/132kV substation. The energy of the Sabinar I PV is produced by connecting almost 300,000 solar panels to more than 650 string inverters and 22 transformation centers, which evacuate the energy produced into the Olmedilla substation.

In the same way as its “sister” plant, Olmedilla PV, Sabinar I PV injects all its energy into the grid through a 400kV underground line and a 132kV overhead line that connects the Olmedilla Substation and the Sabinar Substation with the national grid.

The expected production of this project is 325,000 MWh per year, enough energy to supply 92,000 homes and save the environment the emission of 83,000 tons of CO2 per year.