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Our charging points

Chargers adapted to your plans and supplied with 100% renewable energy.

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Steps to charge:

1. Download the app
2. Add your vehicle
3. Add your payment method
4. Execute the validity test

5. Search for your charger
6. Select your parking spot
7. Start the charge


Operational charging points


Charging points under construction


CO2 Saving

Chargers adapted to you

Located at strategic points and with different power ratings, you can charge while doing everyday tasks such as shopping at the supermarket, going to the gym, going to the cinema, going shopping, or working in the office.

Find your nearest charge station

Order your RFID device

Do you want to charge faster and easier in our charger? Order your RFID device to charge without having to open the app, simply by bringing it close to the charger’s reader.

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Frequently asked questions

We have an app available for iOS and Android that shows all our charging stations. Our points are also listed on Electromaps.

Our current tariffs are:

0,32€ for AC
0,40€ for 60 kW
0,43€ for 120 kW
0,45 for 150 kW

We have a customer service team ready to help you whenever you need it. You can contact us at:
– Phone: 91 088 08 79
– Email:
– Chat in the app

Do you have any questions? You can find further information here.