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Our Impact

Tn CO2 reduced anually


Tn CO2 projected 2022

Under development

1. Supporting sustainable mobility

2. Helping strengthen ESG principals

We help companies reduce their CO2 emissions without a cost. We study the opportunities of their activity and propose a long term sustainable solution.
3. Being ready for EV expansion
Vehicle sale projection by type of fuel in Spain.

4. In the best locations

We offer tailored solutions to a range of businesses and real estates.

Our activity can make a sound impact on sustainability certification ratings, such as LEED, and dramatically improve the financial attractiveness of real estate assets.

5. Making your building smarter

Smart building comprising EV and PV
Monitor energy savings

6. With the best e-mobility equipment

We offer charging solutions in all ranges of power.

AC (i.e., 7.4kW) up to high power in DC monophase (i.e., 150kW).

We select the industry standards most demanded connectors AC Mennekes and DC CCS2 and ChaDeMo.

We use OCPP 1.6 based comm protocols to guarantee the Smart network monitors the infraestructure in real time.

7. Giving the best service to your customers

Implementation of Plug&Play
Simplicity, best Backend software in the market
Multiplatform control
Centralized and segmented monitoring

8. Adopting RE portfolio to the regulations

New Standards approved in Madrid (ordenanza 4-2021 April). Minimum number of EV chargers by 2023.