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Photovoltaic self-consumption for companies

Self-consumption photovoltaic installations.
No investment from the client.

Benefits of photovoltaic self-consumption for businesses


Secure fixed costs in the face of current market volatility


Reduce the amount of your conventional electricity bill


Enhance the value of your property with this additional facilityl


Reduce carbon footprint and meet environmental targets


Improve the image of sustainability associated with your company

PPA mode: no investment proposal for our clients

The PPA or Power Purchase Agreement is a long-term power purchase agreement at a price agreed between the client and Eranovum.

1. Investment

We take care of the investment, all associated costs, design, initial procedures, installation, and subsequent legalization.

2. Payment for self-consumption

The client pays a fixed price for the energy generated and self-consumed from the photovoltaic solar plant. Surplus energy is fed into the grid.

3. Operation and maintenance

We maintain the asset for the duration of the contract.

4. Transfer of ownership

At the end of the contract, the client becomes the photovoltaic installation’s owner until its useful life (estimated at 25 years).

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Advantages of the Eranovum PPA in Self-consumption Installations for Businesses

Savings from day one
No waiting for the amortization period of the photovoltaic installation

No initial outlay
We take care of the investment, with no initial cost for the client

You only pay for self-consumption
You are only billed for the energy consumed for the duration of the contract

Peace of mind
We manage the operation and maintenance of the installation

Cost stability
We set a fixed price for the majority of the energy consumption

Self-consumption and electric mobility

A successful energy model for companies

We simultaneously implement electric mobility and self-consumption solutions in companies to optimize their economic resources and improve competitiveness.

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