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Installation and management of electric vehicle charging points

We operate charging points in companies and public spaces

At Eranovum we help you to offer sustainable mobility solutions to your customers. We are your trusted partner.

Where to install electric vehicle chargers?

Would you like to include electric vehicle chargers in your establishment?

Why install charging points in your company?

Generate profits at zero cost

Attract and retain customers

Position yourself ahead of your competition

Offer a fast and reliable charging service
Care for the environment with 100% renewable solutions
Improve your brand image

What do we offer at Eranovum?

Our working method

Assess the project and propose the best technology
Signed an agreement and made the investment
Manage the permits with the electricity company
Build the charging station and assume all the costs
Share success with the ownership
Maintain the charging points with 24/7 assistance

Charging points network


Operational charging points


Charging points under construction


CO2 saving

Chargers designed for the user

We are committed to chargers with the best features on the market, adapting to the time of stay of each establishment to improve the user experience.

Companies that already trust us

Mobile app for users

App de Eranovum con todos los puntos de recarga operativos que forman parte de la red
Our app shows electric vehicle users all operational charging points on a map on which your installation will appear so that they can make use of them.

Discover some examples of charging point installations

Instalación de estación de recarga para vehículos eléctricos en el Centro Canalejas de Madrid

Parking Centro Canalejas


Instalación de puntos de recarga para vehículos eléctricos en el municipio de Sevilla

Seville City Hall


Instalación de puntos de recarga en el centro de oficinas MASID en Madrid

MASID Office Centre

Tres Cantos, Madrid

Instalación de cargadores para vehículos eléctricos en el restaurante Casa Gerardo en Asturias

Restaurant Casa Gerardo

Prendes, Asturias

Instalación de punto de recarga en supermercados Consum de Valencia

Consum Supermarkets


Instalación de puntos de recarga en la estación de servicio La Garriga de Barcelona

La Garriga Petrol Station


Join our charging points network

Are you interested in installing charging points in your establishment? Fill in the form with your details. Our team will contact you to evaluate your project.

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