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We install charging points for electric vehicles in your establishment.

We are looking for the best real estate locations in Spain to deploy EV chargers. We invest in the assets and take care of the entire project while ensuring a long-term service excellence.



Shopping malls

Public Parkings

Gyms or Sport centers


Operating charging points


Charging points under construction


Peak charging power


Clean energy sold
(equivalent to 200 households)

How does it work?

Our process is simple, we analyse the locations with our engineers and developers to find the best technical solution for your property.

We make the entire investment for your property and hand you the best proposal in the market.

We apply for all the permits, carry out the engineering study and execute the project works.

Finally we operate the chargers and share our success with you.

For more information, leave us your details!

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    Become our partner and monitor your chargers in our software


    Analyse your customers trends and adapt your service


    Ask us to publicise your establishment in our platform


    The energy source used during EV production and daily operation has a radical environmental impact. Our solution guarantees an unrivalled reduction in emissions.

    EV Charging infrastructure

    To ensure low environmental impact during the EV lifecycle, we are building the largest EV charging infrastructure in Spain. A vast solar infrastructure will enable the growth of the e-mobility market, reassuring our EV drivers on the source of their energy.