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In the Eranovum app you should check that the type of connector available at the charging point corresponds to that of your vehicle.

Normally, the latest generation of electric cars are compatible with Type 2 and CCS-Combo connectors, both of which are available at all our charging stations. Plug-in hybrids are generally only compatible with the Type 2 connector, for slow charging on alternating current (AC). Older generation vehicles with CHAdeMO DC connectors are available at some of our charging stations.

Algunos cargadores tienen un bloqueo en la parte superior del alojamiento de la manguera. Para poder extraer la manguera es necesario pulsar el botón que encontrarás en dicho soporte.

The duration of a recharge depends on the vehicle’s battery, the energy it is capable of storing, and the power at which it is recharged. If you divide the capacity of your car’s battery by the charging power, you can find out approximately how long your recharge will last. You can also see all this information on our display chargers.

High-power (DC) chargers with CCS-Combo connectors always have a cable, while low-power (AC) chargers with Type 2 connectors sometimes do not. In our application you can see whether the charger connector has a cable or not, depending on the icon.

To use a charger with an AC socket without a cable, you will need to use your own, which you will need to plug into both the vehicle’s charging socket and the charger’s socket. A 3 metre cable is usually sufficient.

User and App

We have an app available for iOS and Android that shows all our charging points, both those in operation and those under installation.

Our points also appear on Electromaps, and soon you will also be able to locate them on Google Maps.


¡Download the Eranovum App!

Yes, in order to use our chargers you need to be registered in our app. Register on Android or iOS.

To activate your account you have to register through our app and, after including a bank card, you will be ready to charge. Download it here:

If you don’t remember your password, when you go to log in, click on the link with the text: “Forgot your password?” and we will send you a new one to your e-mail address.

The parking spaces for charging are numbered. You must park your car in the space with the same number as the charger you have chosen in the app and use that cable.

If a charger appears in the app as “Coming soon” it means that it is a new location that is not available for use at the moment. However, if the text “Unavailable” appears in the app, it is because there is an incident at that location and therefore you will not be able to charge. In either case you will have to find a new location where you can upload.

You can stay as long as you need, but remember to vacate the charging point as soon as your car is charged so that another user can use it.


If you have any problems you can contact us on 722 37 65 61 or by email at

Fees and payments

Our rates are currently €0.29/kW for AC sockets and €0.39/kW for DC sockets. In the case of 150 kW chargers it is €0.45/kWh.
For example, for a 50 kWh battery capacity, if you charge from 0% to 100%, it would cost €14.5 for an AC socket; and €19.5 for a DC socket.

Check that you have a good connection and force the app to close, then try linking your payment method again. If it still doesn’t work, you can call us on 722 37 65 61.

In addition, you should check with your bank that you have enabled the ability to make a retention of €30 for the duration of the top-up.

When initiating a top-up, Eranovum requests a pre-authorisation from your bank of €30 on your credit/debit card. Once the top-up is completed, the amount of the top-up is charged and the bank will lift the €30 hold on the pre-authorisation. This can take up to 48 hours, depending on the bank.

Once the top-up is complete, you can request an invoice via the app. We will send an email with the invoice to the email address specified in your personal area.

Charging could be stopped by unlocking the charging port from the vehicle itself. By doing so, we will register the end of the recharge and the charger will be available for the next user.

Remember that to stop charging you have to slide the button marked “Stop Charging”. If this is not possible due to an incident, you can stop charging by unlocking the charging port of your own vehicle. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 722 37 65 61, by email at or by chat in the app.