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Ciudad Real

LocationCiudad Real, SpainCapacity4MWpEnergy Production8GWh/yearStateUnder ConstructionCompletion2024Share

Ciudad Real


Ciudad Real



Energy Production



Under construction



The Ciudad Real plant is in the development phase, has a total installed capacity of 4MWp and is expected to be operational in 2024. It will enable an annual production of 8 GWh, which will avoid the emission of around hundreds of tonnes of CO2 per year.

Our plan is to extend through these plants our innovative concept of photolinera, which allows the charging of electric vehicles with 100% renewable energy supplied directly and on a self-consumption basis by these solar plants without tolls or additional costs. This is a unique concept because, unlike the electric charging stations, the electric vehicle charging station is connected to the solar photovoltaic plant and has all the necessary power to supply ultra-fast recharges to users who need them.