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Eranovum to launch Spain’s first ever EV charging station directly connected to a PV plant

Eranovum will launch the first ever EV charging station in Spain directly connected to a large-scale photovoltaic plant. With an investment of 500,000 euros, the project has received financing from the MOVES Singular Projects II Program within the framework of the European Union’s Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. The main purpose of the construction of this zero-emission charging stationis to contribute towards the decarbonisation of the transport sector, which produces 40% of global C02 emissions, recharging electric vehicles in a completely clean way.

The innovative charging station, which will be located on the N-3 road at Alarcón (Cuenca), will allow the ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles with 100% renewable energy supplied directly and on a self-consumption regime by Eranovum’s solar plants in the area, with no tolls or additional costs. This is a unique concept as, unlike traditional electric charging stations, it is completely off-grid and has all the power necessary to provide ultra-fast charging for electric vehicles that need it.

The EV charging station, which will save 2,000 tons of CO2 per year, will have four +240kW ultra-fast recharging points, and eight by 2032. In addition, the installation has a storage system of 300kWh capacity using second-life batteries from electric vehicles to keep the station operational during night-time hours.

Innovation is necessary to find solutions that allow us to face energy transition challenges, and that is the vision with which Eranovum was born. This unique EV charging station provides an innovative high-power charging solution in areas where grid access is weak or non-existent, thus helping the deployment of the charging network throughout Spain”, says David Vallespín, CEO of Eranovum e-mobility.  “This initiative combines in a unique project the two business areas of the company: the production of photovoltaic energy, which is in our DNA, and the creation of one of the largest networks of electric vehicle charging points in Spain. ”

Olmedilla and Sabinar, which will supply energy to the charging station, are part of a portfolio of projects in the province of Cuenca with more than 400 MWp of power. Eranovum, together with its international partners Noy Fund and Nofar Energy, has invested more than €300 million to develop and build this portfolio.

Olmedilla and Sabinar plants, which are already connected to the grid, have a total installed capacity of 169 and 155 megawatt peak (MWp), respectively. It is one of the largest operating facilities in Spain with a combined total capacity of 324 MWp, enough to supply energy to more than 200,000 homes. Both plants will avoid the emission of approximately 260,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere per year, a figure that will increase to 320,000 tons when the entire portfolio is operational in early 2023.

Eranovum was founded in 2019 by José Luis Aguirre and Guy Shahar Yames, two entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the energy sector, with the aim of facilitating and driving the energy transition and becoming one of the leading companies in the development and management of renewable energy infrastructures. In 2021, the firm entered the sustainable mobility business with the purpose of significantly reducing the environmental impact of electric vehicles. Recently, the company announced a capital injection of 26.5 million euros by Keystone, an international investment fund specialised in the infrastructure and energy sector, to create one of the largest networks of electric vehicle charging points in Spain.