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Eranovum enters France and Belgium to reach 11,000 EV charging points in Europe by 2026

  • Eranovum has started its internationalisation process with the acquisition of the company Yeswecharge in France and the creation of a joint venture with Ether Energy in Belgium.
  • The group plans to install 2,000 charging points in France and Belgium over the next three years, in addition to the 9,000 it is targeting in Spain by 2026.

Madrid, 12th December – Eranovum, a Spanish group dedicated to accelerating the energy transition, has begun its internationalisation process with the company’s entry into France and Belgium. The group aims to reach 11,000 charging points in Europe by the end of 2026, including the 9,000 points it is targeting in Spain by the same date.

All chargers installed by Eranovum in both countries will be powered by 100% renewable energy, in line with Eranovum’s commitment and identity since its inception.

In France, Eranovum has materialised its entry into the country through the acquisition of the company Yeswecharge, a sustainable mobility startup that has fast charging points in the city of Poitiers. This city experiences significant levels of traffic thanks to its strategic position in the centre of the country. The company is already analysing new locations to expand its presence in France and reach the targets for 2026.

In Belgium, the company has created a joint venture with the Belgian company Ether Energy in which Eranovum will provide its experience in the electric mobility sector and Ether Energy its knowledge of the Belgian market and the development of renewable energy infrastructures. The joint venture already has a local team working on the ground to close the first strategic agreements before the end of the year.

“The entry into France and Belgium is the first step in our internationalisation strategy. These are very attractive markets with great growth potential, with similarities to the Spanish market, and where the Eranovum team already has experience. Also, in both countries the electric car fleet is more developed than in Spain and therefore has much higher usage rates of public chargers”, says José Luis Aguirre, CEO and co-founder of Eranovum.

“Both markets benefit from a location close to our country and are characterised by the permeability of our borders and the movement of people between the three territories, especially those associated with the tourism sector. They are also two markets with favourable environments for the development of Eranovum’s activity due to their differential offer of hih-power renewable energy at competitive prices in strategic locations for users”, points out David Vallespín, CEO of Eranovum E-mobility.

“We are committed to providing Belgian users with a reliable and sustainable charging solution that will significantly contribute to the expansion of electric mobility in the country,” states Tai Nguyen, Country Manager of Eranovum Belgium.

In Spain, Eranovum already has more than 360 charging points in operation and more than 1,800 committed for the coming months, both in urban and rural areas.