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Tariff ID Network Country Tariff Name Currency Price/kWh (excl VAT)
65f427a1953a49cfe23306d3 ES*ERA Spain AC EUR 0.26
65f427c5953a49cfe23306dd ES*ERA Spain DC <= 30kW EUR 0.31
65f427e1953a49cfe23306e7 ES*ERA Spain DC <= 60kW EUR 0.33
65f427f9953a49cfe23306f1 ES*ERA Spain DC <=120kW EUR 0.36
65f4281a953a49cfe23306fb ES*ERA Spain DC => 150kW EUR 0.37
667c31ee4742ad88c2a70172 ES*ERA Belgium AC EUR 0.33
667c31be4742ad88c2a70168 ES*ERA Belgium DC <= 60kW EUR 0.5
66260f82953a49cfe23314ee ES*ERA Belgium DC => 150kW EUR 0.56
6672dbc14742ad88c2a6fdd7 ES*ERA France AC EUR 0.33
6672dba54742ad88c2a6fdcd ES*ERA France DC => 150kW EUR 0.65